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1945 US Army Airforce sector clock

A very rare working USAAF sector clock dated January 1945.

The clock is in perfect working order. Used by the USAAF IXth Airforce when they joined the Allied Expeditionary Air Force from D- Day until Berlin. The clocks were used at HQ and mobile operations rooms by Forward Air Controllers to plot aircraft movements vs time. The coloured segments were matched to coloured blocks representing aircraft and used to track the aircraft on the plotting table.

These clocks are very rare with only 100 to 200 made. They were made by taking Seth Thomas ships bulkhead clocks and replacing the dial with the painted brass segment design

This clock stopped at 7 minutes to 2 many years ago and sat in the sun at this position for a long time. This can be seen by the non faded shadows on the dial left by the hands. When wound up it ran perfectly and has been keeping good time. It has a quality Seth Thomas 8 day movement. The mechanism is stamped 1 - 45 for Jan 1945.

The clock has been mounted on a elm hardwood plaque. The plaque diameter is 24cm and has a key slot to allow it to be wall mounted.

The clock face is 22cm, (8.5 inch) diameter and the total depth of the clock plus plaque is 7 cm. Mounted in a pristine bakelite case stamped on the back GE for General Electric and inside an ink stamp US either side of an anchor.

The clock comes with the correct key for winding the mechanism.

I only know of 3 others sold in EU in the last 5 years.

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FW Elliot MOD Clock
An MOD wall clock with a 13 inch diameter face.

It has an excellent FW Elliot 8 day mechanical mechanism that is in good working order and keeps good time.

It is dated 1970 and has an MOD stamp and Elliot name to the rear.

There is one small chip to the edge of the plastic case.

A very nice and practical military clock.

£125 plus postage
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