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Book Case and Display Cabinet

This is a hand crafted cabinet made from solid oak. The door is from a Bristol Blenheim mk5 navigators window. The frame was stripped down and the cracked perspex replaced. The original part numbers and inspectors stamps are now visible. It stands 136cm tall on four polished metal legs. The width is 68cm.
The depth at the widest point is 43cm and drops to 27cm to follow the curve of the nose of the aircraft.

The shelves are oak edged with an aluminium strip in the middle. The door knob is a replica trigger button marked

If you are interested we can provide more pictures

Price is £680 Plus P&P
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This is the front grille from a Jeep M38A1.

The M38A1 was made for the US military from 1952 until 1957 and was in use from 1952 to 1971.

This is a wall or free standing light!

The history

We have stripped the grill back to bare metal and treated all corrosion.

We have effected some mild weld repairs to bring it back into shape.

We have sourced original headlights and fitted these each with H4 LED 36W ( 4000 lumen) bulbs. Very bright and now replaced with no fan - so no noise!

We have adjusted the original fitting to take the H4 bulbs.

We have also fitted LED bulbs into the Blackout lights.

We have wired up both sets of light from a transformer fitted behing the grill. The transformer reduces the power from the mains to 9V.

The lights are turned on by using the two original style jeep pull out switches on the front of the grill. One for the headlights and one for the black out lights.

We have added aluminium sides, wings and hood so that the wiring is inaccessible. We have used original style jeep catches to hold the hood on.

All parts have been painted in Willys Jeep Olive drab.

The item is ca 1m long and weighs 20 kg but can be wall mounted via two radiator mounting holes.

It can also be placed on the floor.

The transformer can be switched from Eu 220v to US 110V if needed and the plug can be changed to match any country.

We can ship to any country.

We have added a bridge plate and an aiborne plaque - both removable.

Price £750 plus postage
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Vintage Westland Sea King Pilots Chair

A vintage used chair from a Westland Sea King Helicopter - marked with the Westland Inspectors stamp and Westland Part number.

Also with the original stencilling for PILOT.

We purchased this chair and have converted it into a fully working chair for office, den etc.

The chair has been mounted on a rotating, height adjustable, backwards/forwards moving chair base - made by Chapmans for use in a commercial vehicle/camper.

We have mounted the base on a 50 cm square section of high density polyethylene for stability.

We have taken the seat base from the Chapmans chair and purchased a set of original Sea King orange foam seat back cushions.

We have recovered the foam backs and the base in a grey fabric with vinyl sides.

An original orange Westland Sea King seat bolster has been used as a head rest.

The end result is a fully functional chair.

The chair stands 1.2m tall - but height can be adjusted using the height adjuster on the RHS.

price £450 plus postage
  • Chair back
  • position control
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US Army Vietnam Huey Cabinet

A large section of Bell UH-1D Huey helicopter tail boom.

Converted into a cabinet.

We have taken a section of a UH-Id made by Dornier for the German army, we have stripped it back to bare metal and repainted it - grey on the inside and Olive Drab on the outside.

We have made a door out of 4mm aluminium plate and shaped it to match the tail opening. It is held on by two stainless steel strap hinges. We have used a knurled knob and cam to allow dole to be closed and locked.

We have made a new back out of 1.2mm aluminium sheet with edges bent over to fit inside the original tail.

We have added pure copper bar legs that are removable and bolt onto clinch nuts in the base.

Inside is a wooden base shelf and a teak/aluminium shelf.

The first two pictures show the final addition - the words UNIT and ARMY as the full UNITED STATES ARMY would have been painted down both sides of a Vietnam Huey tail boom.

Finally we have relocated the data plate from the top of the boom to the front of the cabinet.

The cabinet section if 90 cm high, ca. 70 cm wide and 52 cm deep. The hairpin legs are 72cm tall. So cabinet stands ca. 6 foot tall. This is so that when you open the door it is at head height.

Price £395 UK postage £60

Shipment outside UK - just ask for a quote.
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AH64 Apache Helicopter tail wheel table

A tailwheel from a Boeing AH64 Apache helicopter. The wheel was made by Parker Hannifin in July 2003.

Marked with the Nato stock code for an Apache tailwheel. Both halves of the wheel have identical date, part number and reference number.

The tire/tyre is an original GOOD YEAR 5 x 4 14 ply with very slight wear to the outer edge.

It is likely from a British Army AH-64 Longbow.

The wheel is mounted on a helicopter tail rotor shaft. The shaft is marked with a Westland stores code and is from a Wessex.

The shaft is made from steel with a bronze coloured rust prevention coating. The shaft weighs ca. 10 kg despite having a hollowed interior.

The tempered glass top is mounted through an 8mm threaded bar to the tail shaft to hold the wheel in place.

The weight of the shaft is on the drive cog at the base which means the table is Very stable.

We have added some stick on rubber dots to prevent marking a wooden floor.

The table sits at the perfect height for a coffee/drinks table beside a seat. The water proof components mean that it could be used inside or out.

It is a very rugged/engineering looking table.

The glass circle is 10 inch diameter. (25.5 cm)
The wheel is 12 inch diameter (30.5cm)
The table sits 17 3/4 inches high (45 cm)

The total table weighs 17.3 kg.

Price is £290 Plus P&P
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Lockheed P2V Neptune Truculent Turtle Table

This is the Magnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD) tail cone from Lockheed P2V Neptune BU serial number 135554 that was operational with the US military from 1954 to 1968.

Inside the fibreglass cone the BU number is clearly marked. Although other P2 Neptune's had a similar 554 serial number- none were fitted with the MAD extension.

We acquired it from the US where it had been recovered from a bone yard.

We have painted the tail cone in US Navy blue and painted the side with the artwork of the famous P2V the TRUCULENT Turtle" which in 1946 flew non stop from Perth, Australia to Columbus, Ohio ( 11, 235 miles; 55hours and 17 minutes). The aircraft is on display at the National Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola although the artwork colours but have faded as they have little resemblance to the original (as we have painted) and as shown in this video:

On the other side we have applied 135554 serial number. The red stickers for non magnetic lists are original. All the artwork has been treated with an acrylic matt topcoat.

We have added a wooden base and a threaded bar to hold a tempered glass disc to the top to allow the Turtle table to be used as a side table or drinks table.

The table sits 52 cm ( 20 inches) high and it is 52 cm ( 20 inches) long and 35 cm (13 3/4 inches) diameter glass.

This is a genuine part from a US Naval aircraft.

135554's career details are listed by Baugher as:

(Accepted at Burbank 22 Nov 54, Lockheed Burbank Nov 54 to Mar 55; NARF Jacksonville Mar 55; FASRON-109 Jacksonville Mar 55 to Jun 55; VP-18 Jacksonville Jun 55 to Jul 57; NARF Norfolk Jul 57 to Aug 57; NARF Alameda Aug 57 to Mar 53: NADC Johnsville Mar 58 to May 64 (not listed as P2V-7S; listed as *Y/P2V-7" from Aug 62, YP-2H from Nov 62, NP-2H from May 63); NWC China Lake May 64 to Jul 64;NADC Johnsville Jul 64 to Jan 68; to storage at MASDC Davis-Monthan AFB 27 Jan 68; SOC 6 Nov 68.)


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Pratt and Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp

An original unused Pratt and Whitney Twin Wasp R-1830 cylinders as used on DC-3, C-47 , B-24. P=BY etc.

The cylinder head has two high intensity 1000 Lumen LED lamps fitted into the Inlet/Outlet ports. The lights is diffused through glass Fresnel lenses. The lamps are independently switched though two lit switches mounted in the injector/plug sockets.

An original set of unused rocker covers have been sourced, fitted and painted in Sea Grey.

A working - completely original and unique lamp.

Price is £450 Plus P&P
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A WW2 german armoured lamp (Panzerlampe) that has been restored and converted from lead/acid to a mains transformer and 12V LED bulb. The steel and glass are all fully intact.

Stripped and de rusted. The lamp has been treated, primed and repainted. The lamp works by rotating the top section so that a circuit is made with the contacts in the lower section. The original lamps had lead/sulphuric acid in the base and recharging vents. The small gas vent in the upper section is missing.

By adding 12V wiring and an illuminated switch from the mains transformer the lamp can be turned on via the switch or rotating the upper section. The bulb is a high powered LED from an automotive source.

Repainted with the original stamps highlighted. The stamps included Luftwaffe FL number and ordnance code confirming this as a later war manufactured item.

Used by both the Luftwaffe and the Wehrmacht this one appears to be Luftwaffe use.

A heavy duty working lamp

Price is £170 Plus P&P

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Ju 88 fuselage lamp

The lamp is an original ww2 FL 32258 made by Pohl and Helbig of Berlin. These were used in the fuselage interiors or Ju88 and He111 fuselage. The bottom of the lamp has the full set of markings and RAL red stamp.

It is from a crashed aircraft and there is some bruising around the upper glass edge. But this is minor. The glass is original and intact. Base, spring, interior shroud etc. are all present.

It is wired to a UK transformer through a lit switch but can be easily transferred to other country plugs.

The lamp base is 8.5 cm diameter.

Price is £125 Plus P&P
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1950’s East German red Lamp

An IKA lamp which can be connected to a battery via the two terminals. The upper fish eye lans has red glass on the inside.

Price is £ Plus P&P