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WW2 Pin Up Gil Elvgren

An original piece of pin up art printed during WW2 for US troops

This artwork by Gil Elvgren was printed in 1944 for a Louis F Dow calendar.

The pin ups of Elvgren and Varga were popular with US troops.

It was left behind in France and this is where we purchased it.

it has a slight crease in the middle.

This is an original WW2 print and not a reproduction.

The print is 6 inches high and 4 inches wide.

We have framed it in a wood effect frame. Frame is 7 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches.

Price is £45 Plus P&P (UK-£4.50, USA- £25)

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WW2 Pin Up Gil Elvgren

No Stares
This artwork by Gil Elvgren was printed in 1940 for Louis F Dow.
The print is 4 inches high and 3 inches wide.
We have framed it in a wood effect frame. Frame is 6 x 8inches.

An original piece of pin up art printed during WW2 for US troops

The pin ups of Elvgren and Varga were popular with US troops.

They were left behind in France and this is where we purchased it.

Price is £30 Plus P&P (UK-£4.50, USA- £25)

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1950's BOAC Comet (the first Jet Airliner) "Return to Seat" Sign

This is an original de Havilland Comet Mk1 Return to Seat Sign.

It is in its original pink paint and is from the Ladies Powder Room.

When sitting on a desk or window sill the sun shines through it to illuminate the Return To Seat sign.

To the rear of the part is the de Havilland inspectors stamp and part number for the Comet.

The Comet was the first jet airliner and was designed to be stylish for the rich and famous to travel.

The rear of the Comet Mk 1 had on the starboard side a gentleman's dressing room in blues and greys and on the port side a Ladies Powder Room in delicate pink.

There is an image of the Powder room here:

We have mounted it on two blocks of polished acrylic that sandwich two original unused BOAC luggage stickers, The right hand one showing a stylised Comet Mk4.

The blocks are held together by four stainless steel barrel nuts and bolts.

The sign is held onto the front using two stainless bolts tapped into the front block.

A very unusual item from the elegant days of flight.

The acrylic blocks are A5 sized ( 148 x 210mm) and together are 50mm wide.
20cm high x 15 cm diameter

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Vintage 20th century Terrestrial Brass Desk Globe

This is a vintage hand made brass globe that we acquired from an antique sale and have remade a modern mount to allow it to be used.

It has been mounted in a polished aluminium meridian with the correct 23.5 degree angle. It spins freely.

This appears to be a hand made apprentice piece or school project and is not suitable for global navigation!

I assume that the maker started at the North and South poles and started scribing and stamping place names. The result being that both South America, Africa and the Phillipines are stretched to complete the map.

There are also a few spelling mistakes - e.g. CARIEBIAN SEA

On the date it was made - there are a few clues.

Leningrad means post 1924.

Pakistan and Taiwan suggest post 1949.

However Korea is shown as a complete country and suggests pre 1954.

Bangladesh is absent. Namibia is shown as South West Africa etc.

Hence I suspect it dates to ca. 1950.

The Falklands are shown as Malwines and so it is not of UK manufacture.

The polished aluminium meridian was made from a 6 inch disc. The centre of the disc is now the base with an additional turned brass vertical mount.

A very nice looking vintage terrestrial globe with a modern look and an insight into the past.

20cm high x 15 cm diameter

Price is £225 Plus P&P
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Canard Missile Fin Desk Ornament

This is a cast missile fin which we have mounted in a tapered billet of aluminium that has been shaped and polished.

The fin sits on a bearing that sits inside the aluminium base and turns. It is a new bearing and is still a little stiff.

This is a unique hand made base!

Despite many hours of research and checking on several forums the missile it was to be used on has not been identified so possibly a prototype.

I obtained the missile fin ca. 10 years ago. It is the forward canard fin used to guide the missile in flight.

The turned aluminium base has a green felt bottom.

The whole item weighs in excess of 4 kg.

It has been polished using aluminium polish to a high shine.

The whole item is 39cm (15.5 inches) tall and 30cm (12 inches) wide. The base is 12cm (5 inches) in diameter.

Price is £160 Plus P&P

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An original DC-10 main wheel Hub Cap.

The incised McDonnel Douglas Corporation logo has been painted in black enamel.

A fuel line stencil has been added to reflect the use of DC-10 and KDC-10 as inflight refuelling aircraft by American and RNLAF.

It has a D ring to the reverse for hanging

Size is ca. 25 cm diameter

Price £75 plus postage
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Key Seat Rule

This is a 4 inch right angled ruler for measuring distances on curved surfaces such as shafts.

It comes in the original box that is marked with the broad arrow of the Air Ministry.

The rule is marked up to 4 inches on both sides and has the Kings crown symbol and the date 1930.

It was made by L&D Smallwood of Birmingham.

Price £15 plus postage
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19th Century Toy Black Powder Cannon

An original 19th century toy cannon barrel in brass, mounted on a moden ships cannon mount.

This Georgian/Victorian toy cannon was used by small boys in the 19th century alongside toy soldiers.

The barrel was loaded with black powder/gunpwder and a projectile and fired at the enemy toy soldiers.

As is the way with small boys most of these were tested with overloaded charge of powder and blown up.

This one appears to have been dropped or backfired into the garden and lost for a century.

The patina on the brass barrel is 100% original consistent with 100 years in teh ground and as the cannon was found. We have cleaned out the barrel and touch hole.

The cannon has been used and there is aslight upwards tilt on the barrel. The trunnions are in good order and there are no cracks in the barrel or cannon.

We have acquired a Naval smoothbore deck cannon model kit from Guns of History and mounted the cannon into the gun carriage. The cannon will come with the rest of the dioarama.

The cannon is 7cm long. The cannon in the gun carriage is 9 cm long.

The dioarma base is 20 cm long, 14 cm wide and 8 cm tall.

Price is £125 Plus P&P
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B-29 Box

An Engineers or Armourers box from the Nevada aircraft graveyards.

To the front is stencilled "B29 USAAF AC-27730"

It has been painted as an American wartime B29 Next Objective that flew from Tinian Island

The box is 30cm x 30cm x 28 cm high

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The profile of a Super Marine Spitfire model Vb cast in metal alloy. Based on a 1-24 scale fix model.

They are mounted on hard wood base and can be hung on the wall.
Total size is 45cm by 15 cm high and 7cm proud. The whole piece weighs 2.6 kg.

A American Black Walnut plaque with cast name plate

B Light oak base.

Price £120 plus uk postage £14

Please provide a telephone number for the carrier. Shipping Includes Insurance
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Antique Navy Compass Binnacle made by Newman and Field, Birmingham

A small vessel compass in a brass gimballed binnacle with oil burning lamp and adjustable chimney.

Compass and Binnacle are both marked with Newman and Field.

The compass has a brass data plate with Newman and Field Ltd, Birmingham.

The Binnacle has the letters NF (Newman and Field) and the words "The Maritime" then B - (possibly model B).

The ships compass dial was made by Sestrel and has all points clearly marked.

The top of the compass card has the following written on it No. B3/3462L/43 which looks like a naval stores code with a date of 1943. Which would make this a Royal Navy item.

The compass is dry. The body is made from brass with a bronze ring at the base for securing it to a small boat.

The oil lamp has a full wick and adjusts when turned. The chimney on the lamp holder screws up and down to regulate air flow.

The glass is a replacement and is held in by a mix of brass taps and a securing circle of wire.

The brass has been lightly cleaned rather than highly polished. There are several small dents/creases in the top that came from use.

This nice piece of nautical memorabilia weighs 3.5 kg and has a height of 10 inches ( 25/5 cm) the diameter of the base is 8.5 inches (21cm) with the compass body being 7 inches in diameter (18cm). The width including the chimney is 10 inches.

We can ship anywhere. Price shown for shipping to Uk.

£140 plus postage, postage £15

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