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Merlin cylinder head desk tidy

This is part of a cylinder head of a war time Merlin Engine. The Merlin engine had 12 cylinder heads each with 4 valve seats, this is one cylinder head. They were used in Spitfires and Lancaster bombers during the second world war.

The valve seats have been filled with clear resin to give a bowl.
The whole assembly has been mounted on a piece of machined limestone and weighs nearly 4 kg.

The base is 23cm by 16cm and stands 7cm high excluding the screw threads.

Price £130 plus postage
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Pan Am Airways 1964 dated MAPCO galley hot water boiler

A 1964 dated Mapco galley hot water boiler. These were used in the galley by the stewardess to make hot drinks.

This is the model 180 -146.

MAPCO are still in business. The name stands for Mansfield Aircraft Products Company of Mansfield Ohio.

This one has PAA enamelled onto both the front and onto the lid.

PAA stands for Pan Am Airways.

The water boiler is made from polished stainless steel. The lid is held on by two Corbin clamps onto an original rubber seal.

To the rear is the plug that would allow the boiler to be wired into the aircraft power.

To the front os the eccentric faucet/plug holder. The plug is missing.

The inside is polished stainless steel.

The base and sides have ribbing for strength.

There are a few small scratches and gents - but nothing major - as you would expect from an item that is 54 years old and used daily for several decades.

It measured 13 inches high; 11.5 inches deep and 6.5 inches wide.

A very decorative item from the time of civil aviation.

We are happy to ship to any location

Price is £160 Plus P&P (UK-£15, USA- £46)
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WW2 Pin Up Gil Elvgren

An original piece of pin up art printed during WW2 for US troops

This artwork by Gil Elvgren was printed in 1944 for a Louis F Dow calendar.

The pin ups of Elvgren and Varga were popular with US troops.

It was left behind in France and this is where we purchased it.

it has a slight crease in the middle.

This is an original WW2 print and not a reproduction.

The print is 6 inches high and 4 inches wide.

We have framed it in a wood effect frame. Frame is 7 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches.

Price is £45 Plus P&P (UK-£4.50, USA- £25)

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WW2 Pin Up Gil Elvgren

No Stares
This artwork by Gil Elvgren was printed in 1940 for Louis F Dow.
The print is 4 inches high and 3 inches wide.
We have framed it in a wood effect frame. Frame is 6 x 8inches.

An original piece of pin up art printed during WW2 for US troops

The pin ups of Elvgren and Varga were popular with US troops.

They were left behind in France and this is where we purchased it.

Price is £30 Plus P&P (UK-£4.50, USA- £25)

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Vintage 20th century Terrestrial Brass Desk Globe

This is a vintage hand made brass globe that we acquired from an antique sale and have remade a modern mount to allow it to be used.

It has been mounted in a polished aluminium meridian with the correct 23.5 degree angle. It spins freely.

This appears to be a hand made apprentice piece or school project and is not suitable for global navigation!

I assume that the maker started at the North and South poles and started scribing and stamping place names. The result being that both South America, Africa and the Phillipines are stretched to complete the map.

There are also a few spelling mistakes - e.g. CARIEBIAN SEA

On the date it was made - there are a few clues.

Leningrad means post 1924.

Pakistan and Taiwan suggest post 1949.

However Korea is shown as a complete country and suggests pre 1954.

Bangladesh is absent. Namibia is shown as South West Africa etc.

Hence I suspect it dates to ca. 1950.

The Falklands are shown as Malwines and so it is not of UK manufacture.

The polished aluminium meridian was made from a 6 inch disc. The centre of the disc is now the base with an additional turned brass vertical mount.

A very nice looking vintage terrestrial globe with a modern look and an insight into the past.

20cm high x 15 cm diameter

Price is £225 Plus P&P
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Canard Missile Fin Desk Ornament

This is a cast missile fin which we have mounted in a tapered billet of aluminium that has been shaped and polished.

The fin sits on a bearing that sits inside the aluminium base and turns. It is a new bearing and is still a little stiff.

This is a unique hand made base!

Despite many hours of research and checking on several forums the missile it was to be used on has not been identified so possibly a prototype.

I obtained the missile fin ca. 10 years ago. It is the forward canard fin used to guide the missile in flight.

The turned aluminium base has a green felt bottom.

The whole item weighs in excess of 4 kg.

It has been polished using aluminium polish to a high shine.

The whole item is 39cm (15.5 inches) tall and 30cm (12 inches) wide. The base is 12cm (5 inches) in diameter.

Price is £160 Plus P&P

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An original DC-10 main wheel Hub Cap.

The incised McDonnel Douglas Corporation logo has been painted in black enamel.

A fuel line stencil has been added to reflect the use of DC-10 and KDC-10 as inflight refuelling aircraft by American and RNLAF.

It has a D ring to the reverse for hanging

Size is ca. 25 cm diameter

Price £75 plus postage
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Key Seat Rule

This is a 4 inch right angled ruler for measuring distances on curved surfaces such as shafts.

It comes in the original box that is marked with the broad arrow of the Air Ministry.

The rule is marked up to 4 inches on both sides and has the Kings crown symbol and the date 1930.

It was made by L&D Smallwood of Birmingham.

Price £15 plus postage
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B-29 Box

An Engineers or Armourers box from the Nevada aircraft graveyards.

To the front is stencilled "B29 USAAF AC-27730"

It has been painted as an American wartime B29 Next Objective that flew from Tinian Island

The box is 30cm x 30cm x 28 cm high

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The profile of a Super Marine Spitfire model Vb cast in metal alloy. Based on a 1-24 scale fix model.

They are mounted on hard wood base and can be hung on the wall.
Total size is 45cm by 15 cm high and 7cm proud. The whole piece weighs 2.6 kg.

A American Black Walnut plaque with cast name plate

B Light oak base.

Price £120 plus uk postage £14

Please provide a telephone number for the carrier. Shipping Includes Insurance
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Rolls Royce Dart engine pencil holder

This is an enameled alloy engine part manufactured by Rolls Royce for use in a Dart engine.

It is painted in grey enamel paint on the outside and black on the inside. This is the original paint from Rolls Royce.

It is new ex stock and is in perfect condition.

There is a hole in the top and four holes in the outer casing

We have mounted it on a piece of elm hard wood using six stainless bolts.

It can be used as a desk tidy or as a pencil/ paint brush holder for your desk or workbench.

The Rolls Royce Dart engine is a turboprop engine used in a variety of aircraft from the RAF and civilian Avro 748, Vickers Viscount. Brequet Alize, Fokker F27, Grumman Gulfstream etc.

A one off unique and very interesting item..

It is approx. 13cm wide, 12 high and mounted on a piece of elm hard wood 16cmm wide by 14cm and 2cm high.

Price is £55 Plus P&P
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WW2 AEC Marshall 644 British Army Truck Dataplate ex Dunkirk

This is solid bronze data plate made by Duple Bodies of London NW9.

It was made in 1939 as a data-plate for a GS (General Service) Truck Body. For use on a 14ft truck.

The War Department Contract number is specific to the manufacture of 100 AEC model 644 trucks for the British Army.

The AEC 644 was called the Marshall and ca. 1000 were made for the British Army from 1932 to 1941. It was a 3 ton 6 X 4 rear wheel drive truck with an open cab. It was powered by a 5.1 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine.

Duple was a coach builders in London who were noted for making buses.

The AEC Marshall 644 were mobilized in 1930 and were extensively used by the BEF at Dunkirk. Following Operation Dynamo to remove the troops from the beaches around 65,000 British vehicles were left behind. Many were disabled but due to the number left behind many were repaired and reused by the Germans.

The book on British Military Trucks in Wermacht Service by Vollert confirms the use of many captured British vehicles and states that a large number if not the majority of AEC 644 Marshalls were left behind at Dunkirk. It has several pictures of them being reused by the Wermacht. The last picture above is from the book and shows a Marshall in German use. To the rear of the cab is the wooden GS body and a data-plate is visible with the two screw heads on the side of the body.

This data-plate came from Russia so travelled a long way from Dunkirk in enemy use.

We have mounted it on a solid triangular piece of bog oak. So that it can sit on a desk or shelf.

It measures.

7 inches long and 2.5 inches high - but on angled block it is 2 inches high and 2 inches deep

We are happy to ship to any location

Price is £165 Plus P&P (UK-£5, USA- £20)
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