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WW2 Anti Aircraft Gun Sight

A 1944 dated 7 inch anti aircraft gun sight.

Mounted on a billet of bronze.

The guns sight has a diameter of 7 inches with a central 2 inch cross hair.

It came from Argentina and is believed to be from a WW2 US navy ships anti aircraft gun that was sold to Argentina after the war.

Several ships were sold to Argentina as surplus and had Oerlikon, Bofors and 50 cal twin anti aircraft guns.

A nice item to sit on a shelf or desk. Very stable heavy bronze base - hand made to take this gun sight.

The gunsight stands 10 inches tall.

Price £165 plus postage
  • Base
  • Side
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Mk 3A* Turret Gunsight

RAF W2 Mk 3A* Turret Gunsight

An original wartime RAF gunsight with Air mInistry label and dated 1941.

These gunsights were used in most RAF turrets during WW2 including Lancaster, Stirling, Wellington, Halifax.....

These reflector gunsights have been modified to run 12V LED bulbs and come powered with a mains transformer and a custom made stand.

Price is £125 Plus P&P
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