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Sherman tanks

Sherman tanks

This week we have cleaned up some data plates from WW2 m4 sherman tanks.
They are mounted on walnut hard wood.
They would look good with a model tank or displayed on the wall.


Time for tea

I have just carried out a complete up date of the listings so it is time for tea. Served on a wooden tray made from the wood from a WW1 submarine. The wood was rescued from the captains cabin of U118 when it beached at Hastings in 1919.Tray set for tea

P 40 Warhawk

P 40 original panel

This panel arrived bent and broken. It has been staightend and the original stenciles survived and we have painted the flying tiger on it.

painting the P40

Jaguar Air intake

Sepecat Jaguar

Another weekend and the start of another project. A desk or cabinet made from the air intake of a Sepecat Jaguar. Well that is the plan...... Just to get the auxiliary intake doors to work as - well doors...


Lancaster door

Lancaster door threshold

Had time to clean up this item today. This is the entire threshold plate on the crew door of an Avro Lancaster that was lost on a mission to Berlin. The crew would have got into the aircraft by stepping onto and over this item for the last flight.
Nicely made in soft aluminium with ridges for grip but no inspectors stamp or part number.

Lancaster door step