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Lancaster door

Lancaster door threshold

Had time to clean up this item today. This is the entire threshold plate on the crew door of an Avro Lancaster that was lost on a mission to Berlin. The crew would have got into the aircraft by stepping onto and over this item for the last flight.
Nicely made in soft aluminium with ridges for grip but no inspectors stamp or part number.

Lancaster door step

1970's Ships Bell clock

We have a beautiful 1970's ships bell clock. It chimes the hour and half hour using the ship bell system. The sound is very nice and can be heard on the video link by clicking on the clock.ships bell clock

WW2 Lavochkin La-7 Tail Wheel Door

The undercarriage door was damaged and has now been straitened and repainted as the La-7 White 27 on display at Monino as was flown by Ivan Nikovitch Kozhedub.


The piece is from the undercarriage as shown in the second picture.