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Sold as Anson but identified with the help of a Douglas inspection stamp. This is the outboard exhaust panel from the engine cowl of a wartime C47. When it arrived there were traces of green primer and brown paint ( faded Olive Drab).

It needed some structural reshaping and repairs. The Dzus fasteners work and the inspection hatch opens.
The pipe on the front was to support a fresh air intake that passed along a pipe surrounding the exhaust to warm air for cabin heating.
We have painted it in fresh Olive Drab and added the USAAF stars and bars and 101st Airborne screaming eagle.
A large piece that needs a large wall to hang it on..



DC4 Mirror

A large American stainless steel rotary engine exhaust panel. Sold to us as Anson but identified as DC4/C54 Skymaster. Used in WW2 and after the war. Famous aircraft include the Sacred Cow ( Air Force 1) and the Rosinen Bomber from the Berlin Airlift. We have cleaned it up ; added a backboard using the original Dzus fasteners that allow it to be safely wall mounted and secured a circular mirror inside the exhaust opening.

Italian Black out lamps

Italian Black out Lamps

Three desk lamps. All have Italian aluminium war time black out shades. The flexible necks are mounted on individual cast iron bases. The effect is a gentle glow and a concentrated spot of light. Ideal for desk or bedside table.


Sherman tanks

Sherman tanks

This week we have cleaned up some data plates from WW2 m4 sherman tanks.
They are mounted on walnut hard wood.
They would look good with a model tank or displayed on the wall.