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March 2020

Bell Huey

We have just finished two pieces cut from the tail of the Bell Huey. One painted as 101st Airbourne and the othe with the Eagle from the Cavalry squadrons. Both have kept the original paint from when the aircraft was in service.

101airbourne DSC_0011 2

Sea Vixen Hatch

This hatch was from the closing mechanisium of the Sea Vixen wings. With original paint and the flying fist logo added by us it is a striking piece. The hinge has all the part numbers and de Havilland inspectors stamp. The drawing for it is belowSea VixenSea vixen flying fist

Ju88 Elevator

A junkers Ju 88 Elevator section..

Spent a little time unbending this piece of aircraft. Sold as 110 but we have positively identified as Ju88 elevator section. The lower paint is RLM 65. Upper surface is painted in RLM 70/71. The crisp demarcation between the two greens is very clear. Lost in Russia with evidence of shrapnel and bullets.

ju88 elevator topju88 elevator sideju88 elevatior lower

Comic Bomb

Metal alloy cast tail fins

An empty tail section from an RAF 28 lb Practice Bomb - mounted onto a section of Elm. Looks like a Wylie Coyote cartoon bomb impact. This practice bomb was used by the RAF in the 70's and 80's from Jaguar, Tornado, Harrier etc..

practice bomb

B17 Wing Flap Controls

B17 wing control mechanism

Two pieces from the Boeing B17. They are used to control the flaps on the wings. After cleaning and lubricating they now turn again.