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Avro Lancaster

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Madam X
A section of fuselage skinning from a WW2 AVRO Lancaster ED357 that was shot down over Holland in June 1943.

Painted as Madam X KB747 which flew with 425 squadron and based upon Milton Caniff’s Male Call cartoon character.

Size is 47 cm high x 26.5 cm wide.

Price is £190 Plus P&P
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WW2 Avro Lancaster Wing Access Hatch with Avro Emblem

An original WW2 Avro Lancaster wing access hatch - used on the underside of the wing to give access to the straps holding the fuel cells in place.

This piece has two Avro (R3 ) inspectors stamps as well as the two part numbers for the Lancaster lower wing.

The plaque on the top has the original "Access to Tank Strap adjusters" on it .

It is 7 inches/ 18 cm in diameter.

We have repainted it in Night Black and added the 1940's AVRO emblem.

A very nice looking Avro Lancaster piece

Price £130 plus postage (UK £7.50)