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WW2 Boeing B17 Flying Fortress Pilots Chair

A completely original WW2 aircraft chair that was found in a farmyard in France.

This is the pilots seat from a Boeing B17 Flying Fortress.

The LHS has the original A.F. Stencil.

The paint is the original factory applied green paint.

There are several HT stamps (Heat Treated) as well as the remains of the Assembly part number which should read ASSY 75-3448

These seats were used in the B17 E, F and G models.

The pilots and co pilots seat were identical.

The springs at the rear of the base are original and were used to cushion the seat on the frame.

This was found near Vannes in Brittany - so the likelihood is that this is from a B17 lost over France during an attack on the submarine pens at Lorient or the naval base at St Nazaire.

The seat has spent 70+ years outside and was found in the farm scrap metal pile. The seat had been sitting upright and water had pooled in the seat pan. It has caused some corrosion and rotted through the back of the seat as shown in the last photograph.

It can be seen as a relic - to the crews of the B17. Or can be easily restored for general use. Just add some yellow seat cushions...

I can find no other B17 pilots seat for sale in the last years - so this is very rare.

Due to its size - shipping is expensive - But insurance is also expensive We can offer shipping in UK by UPS £40 and to US by UPS or USPS. ( cheaper USPS is shown.) £75

UPS is a 3 day service; USPS is a 7-10 day service.

We can ship elsewhere upon request.
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Memphis Belle Mission Tally section

Boeing B17 Flying Fortress

This is a section of the outer wing of a wartime B17 G that crash landed on the continent in Holland on November 2 1944. The crew bailed out.

The art work part of the mission tally section from B17F Memphis Belle.

This shows front and back with the corrugated wing structure.

There is an original section of support structure to the rear. There is also some flak damage on the RHS from when it was shot down in 1944.

The front has been repainted whilst the back is in the original condition.

43 cm long and 24 cm high and 7 cm deep

£120 plus P&P
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Stars and Stripes

This panel is part of the top surface of a B17 G port wing that crashed in Holland in November 1944.

The art work, Stars and Stripes was applied to B-17 42-3544 385th Bomb Group and was lost on 5th January 1944 over France

16 cm by 12 cm mounted on a pice of elm hardwood with a key slot hanger to the rear.

Size of plaque is 19 cm x 14.5 cm

£55 plus P&P (UK-£6 USA=£23)