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WW2 US Army Waco CG-4A Assault Glider Nose Art

Two original panels from a wartime Waco CG4A Assault Glider.

The mahogany ply retains the original doped fabric with red base coat and olive drab top coat finishes. From its length of 14 inches and its thickness of the plywood it would appear to be a piece from the outer wing.

The perspex is from the windshield of the Waco glider and has some scratches as well as ageing/yellowing.

Both parts are from a glider found at Le Muy the site of airborne landings during Operation Dragoon in August 1944. These landing in the South of France are less well known that Operation Overlord at D-Day but both were instrumental in pushing the Germans back into Germany.

We acquired three pieces direct from Southern France.

Pieces of wartime glider are extremely rare as they were made from steel, plywood and fabric and many were cut up after the war for civil use.

We have added the Vargas outline that was painted onto a 101st Airborne Waco glider as shown on the frontage of the book Screaming Eagle Gliders. The text from the book says this image was taken in September 1944.

The join between the two pieces is new aluminium and rivets that we have applied.

An extremely rare piece of aircraft guaranteed to be from combat in WW2.

We are happy to ship to any location please request a shipping price.

We need a telephone number for the carrier as we usually ship by UPS express.

size is 43 cm high and 36 cm wide.

Perspex is 24cm high and ply is 19cm