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Coastal Command
B24 Liberator

This is the LHS turret door from the rear turret of Coastal Command B-24 Liberator LV346 .

The handle has the original red paint and the rear is the original dark green corrugated metal.

It has been painted with the wounded shark artwork that was painted on another Coastal Command Liberator and photographed alongside Sqdn Ldr. Terry Bulloch the most successful U-boat hunter in the RAF .

Size is 79 cm x 33 cm

Price is £320 Plus P&P
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B24 Hello Ver Burma

This is an original ww2 American B24 Liberator, New Old Stock Navigators window. It has the Consolidated Vultee label and 32 part number.

It has been mounted in a section of WW2 C-47 wing fillet.

It has been painted as B24 Hello Ver Bruma 44-42460 and flew with the 10th AF, 7th BG; 492th Sqdn in Burma. The lady is based on a mutoscope post card from 1944.

Panel is 53 cm x 41cm ( max) x 7 cm

Price is £185 Plus P&P
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This is an original ww2 American B24 Liberator part made by Ford.

To the rear are several inspectors stamps and 32 part number.

Returned from Austria where it was previously used as a clock mount - it has been mounted in a section of Beech wood with a dark brown leather inner - for use as a pocket tidy - to empty the coin from your pocket...

Price is £65 Plus P&P
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B24 Liberator

This is an engine cowl from a WW2 B-24 Liberator.

The panel came from the crash site of B-24H 42-51107 that flew with the 578 BS/392BG. She crashed on only her second mission after a successful bale out of all crew at Lymbridge Green, Olmsted in Kent on the 2nd August 1944.

She has been painted a Patched Up Piece - painted by Al Merkling. The artwork was applied to an F7 in the Pacific that had to undergo repairs following removal of structural members in the bomb bay.. The artwork was applied to the same aircraft 42-64047when painted green and later as a bare metal aircraft.

Size is 80 cm x 43 cm x 20 cm.