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Yak 9 Normandie Niemen

This is a a section of under wing panel from a Yak 9 which was recovered form Oranienburg airfield in Berlin in 1945.

It has been painted with artwork applied to a Yak 9 flown by the French Normandie Niemen Escadrille on the Eastern Front.

Size is approx 75 cm (w) x 36 cm (h)

Price is £170 Plus P&P (UK £18 USA £35)
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WW2 Russian YAK access cover

This is a hatch cover from a ww2 Russian airforce aircraft purchased from Poland.

The green paint is the original ww2 Russian paint.

To the rear there is a poorly struck inspectors stamp.

We believe it form a Yak - either a Yak, 1, 7, or 9. due to the characteristic shape used on all the models.

We have painted the Russian star onto the panel and the Yak logo.

The metal size is 15 cm diameter x 18 cm total height.

Price is £55 Plus P&P (UK £5 USA £13)
  • Front
  • inspector stamp
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