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Yak 9 Normandie Niemen

This is a a section of under wing panel from a Yak 9 which was recovered form Oranienburg airfield in Berlin in 1945.

It has been painted with artwork applied to a Yak 9 flown by the French Normandie Niemen Escadrille on the Eastern Front.

Size is approx 75 cm (w) x 36 cm (h)

Price is £170 Plus P&P (UK £18 USA £35)
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WW2 Russian Iluyshin Il-2 Sturmovik Panel

This is a piece of ww2 Russian airforce aircraft purchased from Stalingrad/Volgograd Russia.

The green paint is the original ww2 Russian paint.

The damage is original from when the aircraft was shot down in WW2.

There are 9 separate holes in varying sizes. They may be a combination of bullet holes and flak damage.

To the rear are the 3 original strengthening ribs which have inspectors stamps on them.

In addition there is an inspectors stamp on the metal skin.

It was sold to us a being from a Yak 1 or Yak 3 . Unfortunately Yaks had either wooden or metal wings and only with recessed rivets.

The green paint shows that this was from the upper surfaces of an aircraft.
The flat profile and tapering ribs suggest it is from a wing or tailplane.
The domed rivets suggest it is from a light bomber or transport.

After comparing all VVS aircraft we believe that it is from the upper surface of a horizontal stabiliser of an Iluyshin Il-2 Sturmovik.

We have painted the Russian star onto the panel.

The metal size is 34 cm x 80 cm.

With the ribs the total width increases to 43 cm.

Price is £180 Plus P&P (UK £18 USA £35)
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  • Flack damage
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