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WW2 Consolidated Liberator B-24 Engine Cowl Nose Art BOLIVAR

This is a WW2 Consolidated B024 Liberator Engine Cowl panel. The green paint is the original USAAF applied Olive Drab paint.

The panel is identifiable from the structure at the rear and the rivet markings for the box section. Thee two strengthening ribs have HT ( Heat Treated) stamps confirming that they are US and from an engine area.

The last image is of a B-24 engine cowl that shows the panel.

The panel has been painted as Bolivar.

B24 42-72994 was with the 30th Bomber Group in the Pacific. Bolivar amassed an incredible 81 missions flown in the Pacific theatre and was brought back to USA to promote War Bond Sales. To the Bolivar artwork was applied the 12 Targets to Tokyo image. She was flying into Vultee field in California when she crashed in Landing and was scrapped.

The name Bolivar relates to Simon Bolivar the South American general for whom several towns in US are named. Its name may be due to a crew member being from a town called Bolivar or more likely that Simon Bolivar was nicknamed Bolivar the Liberator.

This is a large panel! It measure 81 cm wide and 43 cm high. It weighs 1.5 kg.

We have added two D-rings so that it can be wall hung.

For Comparison - this is the same section of B-24 as Patched up Piece that we sold in 2017.

Shipping shown to UK and USA. Shipping elsewhere upon request.

Price 3280 plus postage
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