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A section of spitfire - the metal is a section from the carburettor air inlet of a Mk9 aircraft. The rear has some original silver paint.

Painted as KIWI the personal emblem applied to the aircraft of New Zealander Al Deere

The wrinkled skin is due to the belly landing of the spitfire this part is from.

Size is 20 cm wide x 14 cm tall.

Price is £85 Plus P&P
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Supermarine Spitfire

The front opening of the carburettor air intake from a crash landed spitfire.

Part has been heavily damaged - but reshaped where possible and repainted in light grey.

The steel ring that sits inside the opening has both inspectors stamp and part number 360 38-51 - confirming that this is from a Spitfire Mk IX.

It has been mounted in a section of steamed pear wood with a mounting bracket to the rear.

Size is 45cm x 19 cm x 15cm deep.

Price is £150 Plus P&P
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R J Mitchell

Supermarine Spitfire RJ Mitchell

A piece of dural from a spitfire wing Painted as presentation Spitfire R7058 with the aircrafts designers name as a signature on the side.

Size is 19.5 cm x 7.5 cm

Price is £35 Plus P&P (UK £5)
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