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Industrial upcycled furniture

Individual pieces of furniture up cycled from aircraft parts and industrial machinery to provide unique works of art.
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C119 pilots seat

It measures 58cm wide x 75 cm depth and overall height 120cm
Price £1,200 plus postage

An original pilots chair from a Fairchild C119 Flying Boxcar.
This is a comfortable fully adjustable US Government Long Range Aircraft seat.
The C119 was a versatile cargo and paratroop dropping aircraft with clam shell rear doors.
It was also the aircraft that was used in the film "Flight of the Phoenix".

This chair has several adjustments. The silver knob on the LHS allows the chair to move forward and back on the two rails.

The small forward knob on the LHS is for releasing the seat belt tension.

The larger forward knob on the RHS is for adjusting the height of the seat. The upper and lower positions are shown in one photograph.

The smaller RHS knob is to adjust /recline the back from upright to reclined.

The two arms lift up.

The seatbelts are original USAF issue and are dated from the early to mid 1960's They can be easily removed.

The chair was originally painted dark green. Over the years it has been repainted in other colours that have flaked off.
the RAF never flew C119 so this must be form an aircraft scrapped in the UK. The most likely candidate is C119 - USAF serial 51-2700 and Belgian serial number CP-9 that was reduced to a cockpit at North Weald. The cockpit section is now used in film.

The chair was made by Weber Corporation of Burbank California in 1952.

The chair can be seen in the original C119 parts list shown . The data plate shows that it was made in 1952 for FAC (Fairchild Aviation Corp) and the part number matches that in the parts list.

It is known to be the Pilots seat due to the wear on the paint on the top RHS and the replacement of the metal in the RHS arm. The copilots seat was identical.

We have cleaned the seat, lubricated the mechanism and replaced the seat cushions.

We have had premium dark brown leather seat cushions custom-made to fit the chair. They are all well padded. There is teh headrest, back pad, Seat cushion and two armrests.
The seat cushion uses the original Nato coded wooden box frame that was original to the aircraft seat

To hold the two rails in the correct position we have made two blocks of teak that we have laser engraved with the text Fairchild C-119 and Flying Boxcar.

These blocks of wood support the chair to ensure it does not scratch any surface it sits in we have added felt to the lower surface.

This is a very comfortable - original USAF pilots chair updated and overhauled to make it usable.

Perfect for the office, corner or gaming.

A rare item. A usable item

Please contact us to discuss the item and to discuss shipping etc.

Vietnam Bell UH-1M Huey Gunship Crew Seat

The base is ca. 72 cm x 70 cm and weighs 4.5kg. The chair weighs 5 kg.

When constructed the chair back is 102 cm above the base and the seat 39 cm above the base. The base is 2.5 cm thick.

It will come folded sitting on top of the base. With instructions for quick reassembly.

I cannot think of ever being a chair and floor section for sale in U.K.
A very rare item and with the history a very memorable item that can be used as a temporary seat, an occasional chair or as part of a Huey setting.

Price £600 plus postage

This is a crew seat from a Bell UH-1M that was made in 1964 and served in Vietnam as a gunship with several units. We have the full history of the aircraft.

It was purchased in 1972 when the helicopter was returned to US and converted for use by the National Guard.
The red fabric seat covers was used by several Hueys in Vietnam and we have several pictures of aircraft with them.
This seat could be moved around the aircraft into several positions - from a door gunners seat to a middle seat etc.
The seat fabric has two small cuts that are stable and are not growing - it is 55 years old!
The seat is foldable and held together with quick release pins.
It has a part number printed on the back alongside the aircraft identity in marker.
The seat has claw feet that are designed to fit into the floor recesses in a Huey.

So we have acquired a section of Huey floor from Maine and made a base surround edge that supports it fully.
The floor section has the original grey paint on the top and green paint on the bottom along with Bell 205 part number.
This is the middle section of floor from the larger model 205 Huey. The dark line at the front is the demarkation to the cockpit.

The seat is now fully usable and robust. It can be folded down for transport.
The angled sections of the base means that it can be placed in a corner to turned around and placed between doors .

The seat can be removed by pressing the wire around the base collar and lifting the collar.

The chair can be repositioned on the four sockets in the floor in any direction.

Hawker drop tank fin coffee table

The top measures 101 cm long x 40 cm wide.

The table sits 37 cm tall and is perfect height for a coffee table.

The table is very stable and weighs 13 kg.

Price £440 plus postage
Hawker coffee table

A 1950's Hawker Hunter Jet aircraft drop tank that has been restored and converted into a unique Coffee Table.
This is the tail of a Hunters drop tank in the original Dark Sea Grey upper surface and lower surface Light Aircraft Grey.

The paints have been restored but are the original colours and paints with a crisp delineation between the top and bottom.

The middle cone is made from aluminum.
The base and the wings are made from impregnated resin skinned with aluminium.
There is a heavy metal structure inside the cone to keep the fins at the correct angle.

With the original DO NOT LIFT BY FIN decal and original stenciling which also includes the words Hunter.

We have added a third solid aluminium fin to support the top.

The top is made from two planks of solid hardwood Elm at 1 inch thick.
The top measures 101 cm long x 40 cm wide.
The table sits 37 cm tall and is perfect height for a coffee table.
The table is very stable and weighs 13 kg.

As it sits on the wings and the extra fin it sits invisibly and looks like it is hovering.

We have acquired an original Hunter fuel plaque instruction and riveted onto the back of the fin.

A unique hand made item made from original RAF parts from the 1950's.

VC10 side table

The table
measures 94 cm long x 44.5 cm wide and sits 39 cm high
The table is very stable.

Price inc UK postage please enquire
Empire Strikes Back

VC-10 coffee table. Painted with the "Empire Strikes Back" Nose Art that was applied to a tanker VC-10 ZA410 in the Gulf War.

The panel is an upper wing panel from a VC-10 - one of several that are on each wing as seen by the picture from Duxford.

We have painted the panel upper surface in Medium Sea Grey (not Hemp as on the original) and added the BP Empire strikes back artwork The lower surface is the original heavy ribbed construction with green /yellow paint. We have applied the same stencil over the access hatch as was there on arrival.
The recycled 50's coffee table steel legs have been stripped and painted in Medium Sea Grey and mounted under the panel. We have added new rubber feet to stop it scratching the floor.

It measures 94 cm long x 44.5 cm wide and sits 39 cm high.

We have not added glass to it as it can be easy purchased direct and without it shipping cost and price are lower.
Me bf 109 coffee table

Glass top so you can see the structure.
It is 70 cm long, 38 cm wide and 48cm tall
Relaxing and testing the new Messerschmitt Me Bf 109 table.

After several variants we recycled a couple of spare mid century teak table legs into a complicated shape that matches the ribs on the aileron. It is offset to clear the balance weight whilst supporting the centre of gravity.

The aileron is set so that the upper edge is perfectly flat and is held onto the base using only two M8 washers and nuts.
We had a 10mm low iron clear tapered sheet of toughened glass cut to match the reducing length of the aileron with bevelled edges.

We have covered and painted the front section only so that the ribs and part numbers are visible through the glass.

It is 70 cm long, 38 cm wide and 48cm tall - perfect to relax with an adult beverage and a good reference book.

Price on application

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