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V2 rocket

V2 A4 rocket

The V2 was steered using graphite rudders in the main engine thrust flow but also each of the four fins had a steering/air rudder in the outer edge.

This is the remains of a fin rudder that was fired at London. It measures 46 cm x 44 cm x 12 cm.
There is original green paint on the outer steel skinning as well as red iron oxide on the inner surface. There is also a lot of black burned paint from the rocket explosion where this was piece was blown off. The large metal piece at the top is a steel counterweight welded to the frame.
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New pieces 2022

We havent had any updaes for a while as we have been busy with commissions.
Some new stock is now coming availabel including these two pieces. A p 47 exhust and piece of 50 cla. Browning Machine gun.
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Christmas Key rings

A few years ago we acquired a navigators hatch from a Blenheim V that we turned into a bookcase. There were two original perspex windows in the hatch that were cracked and worn. We replaced the windows for the bookcase but have been laser cutting the original perspex into keyrings for sale as Christmas presents for aircraft enthusiasts. There are larger ones and a few small onesDSC_0016 Read More…

German pieces

Two German pieces. Both Junkers.
The propellar sectin and wing profile both have original paint.



DH Mosquito

Work has started on creating some art work on the mosqito panels.
First Hairless joe a really large piece

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