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Christmas Key rings

A few years ago we acquired a navigators hatch from a Blenheim V that we turned into a bookcase. There were two original perspex windows in the hatch that were cracked and worn. We replaced the windows for the bookcase but have been laser cutting the original perspex into keyrings for sale as Christmas presents for aircraft enthusiasts. There are larger ones and a few small onesDSC_0016 Read More…

German pieces

Two German pieces. Both Junkers.
The propellar sectin and wing profile both have original paint.



DH Mosquito

Work has started on creating some art work on the mosqito panels.
First Hairless joe a really large piece

P 40 War Hawk

P 40 Wing Fillet

This almost complete wing fillette came from Russia. After a good clean you can see the original paint and stenciles

.p40 Read More…

A very nice and totally original Royal Navy submarine item
Can be used on the desk as a memento or as a mood indicator.
A submerged signal ejector status display panel from a 1950's Royal Navy submarine.
The submerged signal ejector (SSE) were small diameter torpedo tubes mounted in the front and rear ( Forward and Aft) of the submarine.
They could be used to eject colored flares and signals as well as bubble decoys.
This item is made in solid brass .
The dials are double sided as the original 10 sector display has been repainted in an updated 8 sector display as the submarines equipment changed
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