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Boeing 737

Laser etched into the original paint

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Boeing 737 tail fin

These pieces are from the leading edge of the tail fin of the Boeing 737 Jet airliner, removed during the dismantling several years ago in the UK.

All have the original blue livery paint that was used on the tail by the carrier . The backs have a part number and date 1999 and are painted light green (original). on the back

1 Laser etched Boeing and 737

The panel is approx. 30 cm x 25 cm.

£50 including postage for U


Bristol Britannia Aircraft Coat Hook Wall Hanging

An original aircraft fitting removed from a Bristol Britannia during a refit at Filton in Bristol.

This sprung coat hook was part of the cabin crews equipment at the entrances and in the galley etc.

It is made from two pieces of anodized aluminium and hinges opens to allow a garment to be hung.

It closes under the spring to prevent any snagging when passing.

It came to us with no spring -so we have had to replace the spring as well the hinge pin with a stainless steel bolt.

We have added a a soft rubber pin on the internal face to prevent the metals surfaces hitting (as per the original).

On the rear we have added a slot hanger so that it can be wall hung.

The hook is set into a slight recess in the wood and is bolted onto the wood to stop it rotating.

We have then mounted the hook onto a piece of solid oak that we have laser engraved with the aircraft name and profile in addition to the company logos of four airlines who flew the Britannia in service. BOAC; Caledonian; British Eagle and Monarch.

The Bristol Britannia was a post war design for a transatlantic airliner. Due to delays in introducing it into service it lost out to the newer jets that were introduced in the interim. Only 85 were made.

The Britannia was called the Whispering Giant due to its quietness.

N.B. the coat hook was replaced in the aircraft due to a small nick on the LHS edge as shown in the images.

A unique item

Price £40 plus postage


Original Airport Illuminated Sign for use as Shelf or Display

An illuminated sign from an airport made in mahogany with white translucent plastic front with vinyl lettering that spell out AIRCRAFT AVAILABLE.
Came from an airport on the Isle of Man.

The solid wood sides and top are made from mahogany that we have rejoined using oak dowels and then waxed and polished.

We have added a UK plugged LED light source that gently illuminates the front sign.

Can be used as a sign on top of furniture or wall hung for use as a shelf.

The back can be hinged down.

Large sign measures 84.5 cm ( 33 1/4 inches) wide X 15.5 cm ( 6 inches) deep ad 23.5 cm ( 9 1/4 inches) tall. It weighs about 3 kg.

Price is £145 Plus P&P

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