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Royal Navy Ships Console Clock

Royal Navy console clock as fitted to the VCS Versatile Console System used in most Royal Navy vessels in the 80's and 90's.

This is a quartz battery clock. which we have restored by fitting a radio controlled mechanism. So it will keep accurate time by matching with the time keeping radio signal. We have kept the original hands and dial.

We have made an aluminium mounting box and painted it in Light Admiralty Grey to match the original paint on the front plate and bezel. The clock was rack mounted so would not have had a box originally.

The bezel, front plate dial, hands, bulbs , light diffuser, circuit board and internal structure are all original. The bezel and front plate have the original paint from when it was in service and have some scratches from original use.

We have put rubber feet on the box base and wired the clock to a 240V to 18V transformer. The clock was originally 24V. The 18V is sufficient to light the bulbs.

The clock has a 4.5 inch diameter face.
The box is 6 inches x 6 inches x 4 inches deep.

Shown with UK delivery as it has a UK plug but contact us for shipment elsewhere.

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