Desk clock

Brass desk clock by Chelsea of Boston

This is a 1976 Chelsea of Boston Ships Bell clock.
I have a personal love of Chelsea clocks and especially their bell clocks which they first designed in the first decade of the 19th century and continued making until they switched to German mechanisms in the 80's. This is the original Chelsea mechanism in a solid heavy brass case.

It came with a Chelsea Barometer ( now sold) that was dated 1976 and this matches with the serial number on the clock and mechanism

It has just returned from the clock repairers who adjusted the striking mechanism.

The clock now works as it did when it left the factory striking up to 8 bells at the correct hour and half hour. It should last for several years without any attention other than winding once a week.

The brass case gives the struck coil inside a good warm resonance.

We have mounted it on a half round base made from American Black Walnut.
It can also be directly bulkhead mounted using the three holed on the case ( if needed). It will come with a key.

A very pleasant item to have ringing in the house to let you know the time.

Dial is 5.5 inches in diameter and clock body is 7.25 inches tall and 3.5 inches deep ( without walnut base.).

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