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Aircraft Clock and Desk Tidy

A desk tidy with working aircraft clock and hollow to take coins/keys.

A-11 Waltham 8 day 9 Jewel fully working aircraft clock mounted in a section of aircraft with two aircraft placards - mounted onto a semi circular solid oak block with a turned hollow.

The Waltham aircraft clock is working and keeps accurate time. It is not a military clock so post war but retaining the same A11 design as the military clocks with a 2 inch dial and a 2.25 dial surround. The winding/setting knob is at 7 ockock. It has recently been serviced.

We have cut an accurate 2.25 inch hole into a section of post war aircraft instrument panel surround. The black paint is original.

To the side we have mounted two aircraft placards that are reputed to have been taken from a wartime American aircraft on dismantling. The aircraft would have been a twin engined aircraft. The rear of the STBD placard has traces of dark green cockpit paint.

We have turned a solid oak block with a shallow depression on the upper surface and then shaped the block into a semi circle.
The base of the block has green felt applied.

It weighs 900g

The whole piece measures 19.5 cm (8 inch) wide X 22.5 cm ( 5 inches tall) and 22.5 cm ( 5 inches deep)

The depression is ca. 8 cm wide.

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