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Aircraft Clock and Desk Tidy

A working aircraft clock mounted onto a piece of original aircraft with a wooden stand.

Smiths 8 day fully working aircraft clock mounted in a section of aircraft - mounted onto a solid ebony block .

The Smiths clock is working and keeps accurate time. It is not a military clock so post war but retaining the same design as the aircraft clocks with a 2 inch dial and a 2.25 dial surround. The winding/setting knob is at 7 o'clock.

It has recently been stripped, cleaned, reassembled and oiled and is keeping good time.

We have cut an accurate 2.2.5 inch hole into an original de Havilland Venom Access hatch. The number on the hatch J00786 fits with the access hatch on the fin at the rear of the boom as shown in the last image.

We have machine a solid ebony block with a shallow angle on all sides.

The base of the block has green felt applied.

The clock and the panel are all held together with black M4 nuts and bolts.

The whole piece measures 6 inch) wide X 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches deep

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