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WW1 British Army in India Clock

An extremely rare clock that dates from the first world war.

It is an 8 day ceramic dial clock made by the French firm Duverdrey & Bloquel for the British Army in India.

Duverdrey Bloquel clocks had a lion mark on the rear of the mechanism from 1898 to 1928.

This clock has the lion mark - the ceramic dial has the British Military Crows Foot, an I for India and a number 792. The plates of the clock both have the number 770 stamped into them.

The dial has some damage at the very edge to the ceramic - but it does not affect the function or the aesthetics.

The bevelled glass is original and has a few long term use scratches - that when cleaned are not visible.

This was purchased from India - brought back to UK and cleaned, serviced and oiled.

The main spring is good but the platform escapement was broken and had to be replaced with a brand new jewelled Swiss platform with a parts cost of £110.

Since it was put back together it has kept perfect time - for the last month.

It comes with the original key that winds and adjusts the hands.

We have sourced an inlaid original Edwardian hardwood Lancet clock case as sold by Duverdrey & Bloquel and inserted the clock into it.

The clock came with a dust cover with a pull handle - so we have retained this in the wooden case.

The clock mechanism is 10cm diameter.

The main body of the wooden case is 12cm wide x 7 cm deep and 20 cm high. The pedestal adds 2cm to all dimensions.

Shipping shown to UK and USA by UPS - shipping elsewhere upon request.

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