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1949 Electric Post Office wall clock

An original GPO wall clock dated 1949.

Retaining the George V1 cipher on the dial along with the letters GPO.

The rear of the clock has the text No.2 ECS ( English Clock Systems ) and the date of June 1949.

This is an electric clock and hence there is no key/wind etc.

The clock relies on a driver that sends a pulse every 30 seconds - this low voltage pulse actuates a coil that moves a lever that pushes a pawl that moves a wheel with 120 teeth on it.
Hence every hour there are 120 actuation pulses and the minute hand goes around. The hour hand is geared from the minute hand so that the hour advances in line with the minutes.

There is no tick just a click every 30 seconds.

The original ECS mechanism was not proving to be reliable so we have replaced it with a Gents of Leicester Pulsynetic robust mechanism that is in full working order.
These clocks required a large separate master clock. In this case it has been replaced by a small slave clock driver box of electronics that comes with a mains transformer. It comes with instruction sheet from the supplier.

The clock hands can be advanced ( power cut/daylight saving) using the small green button on the box.

The clock is extremely reliable and keeps extremely accurate time.

It has a hanging hook on the rear and a 2m cable to the electronics box and then a further cable to the transformer that plugs into the wall.

The transformer reduces the voltage to 12v and the power to the electronics and to the clock is low voltage and safe.

The glass, dial, wooden body and brass bezel are all original.

Shipping to Uk only shown - please let us know if you want shipping outside of UK.

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