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Bristol Blenheim window with free air gauge

Bristol Blenheim window relic with an Air Ministry air temperature gauge.

I have one of these gauges on my desk and they are very readable and usable.

An Air Ministry air temperature gauge that is mounted onto a section of WW2 Bristol Blenheim navigators window.

With two small feet also made from Blenheim window which are tapped and bolted onto the body.
Bristol Blenheim engraved onto the front.
The gauge is working and have Crows Foot markings on the rear.
Made by Rotatherm - Stores codes 6A/1055308.

The footprint is 3.5cm deep, 10 cm high and 20 cm long.
£105 plus postage


WW2 USAAF Turnbuckle B17 Flying Fortress

An original brass and stainless steel turnbuckle with swaged ends.

This was found with several other items by a collector who visited USAAF bomber airfields in the South of England. Specifically B17 bases.

There are minimal markings in the turnbuckle:

A on the central barrel
AA on the two arms.

No other markings but it is a common item in WW2 aircraft and it we have seen others in B17 crash finds.

The central barrel is brass. The two ends are threaded - one left handed and one right handed - so that turning the central barrel tightens both ends equally.

The wired that were to be tensioned were placed in the hollow ends and then swaged onto the barrels.

This one was bent so was likely removed from a damaged aircraft and thrown away.

Will come disassembled for easier postage.

It measures ca. 28 cm long.

£20 plus postage

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