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USMC M67 "Zippo" Vietnam War Tank Instruction plate

This is the refuelling data plate for an M67 tank used by the United States Marine Corps in the Vietnam War.

The M67 was a flamethrower tank and nicknamed the "Zippo". A picture of one in use is shown in the last picture and details on the design and development are shown here:

This plaque is made of brass with etched images and text - enamelled in red and dark blue.

The top of the plaque has the drawing of the turret of the tank that shown the two turret crew seats, the large tank for fuel and the position of this plate at the top Right with arrow for Fueling Instructions plate.

Only 109 of these tanks were made and it was the last flamethrower tank made by the US military.

The position of the two crew seats next to a large tank of fuel made them susceptible to explosions.

A very rare item. Very aesthetic with the coloured enamel
We have mounted it on a piece of elm hardwood and will add a slot hangar to the rear to allow it to be wall mounted.

It is 30 cm tall x 20.5 cm wide. The plaque is 11 inches x 7.25 inches.

Price is £180 Plus P&P


Vision blocks from WW2 Tanks - from the commanders Cupola.

From an American tank used in WW2.

The vision (commanders ) cupola design was first used in the M4 Sherman and then was carried over into the M24 Chaffee and the M26 Pershing. This vision block came from France. The part number painted onto the top edge is not the same as the one used on the M4 so likely from a Chaffee or a Pershing.

It is made from steel with four layers of glass which are tapered to fit and are held by putty inside the frame.

There are traces of white paint around the inside edge so it was used in a tank

There is also a small chip on the inside glass face.

Measures 20 cm wide, 11 cm deep and 5 cm high and weighs 3kg

Price £115 plus postage


Sherman tank track end connector

A WW2 M4 Sherman track end connector C55592. This is part of the VVSS track system of WW2 Shermans. This has the 1.25 inch pin holes and the narrow horn. It is shown here:

A very iconic shape.

This is an original metal casting which we have painted olive drab/ green with " M4 Sherman" written down one side

It has the tightening bolt and clamp fitting.

It was purchased from Ukraine - so a US made, Russian used lend lease M4 Sherman tank.

In good condition! Two of these available

Each measures 17cm x 13.5 cm x 5.5 cm and weighs 2.2 kg

Price each is £120 Plus P&P


WW1 Royal Navy Battleship Turret model Bowl

A highly detailed solid brass model of a 15 inch turret from HMS Barham.

This model came to us on a broken wooden plaque with a date of 1926 to 1928. We assume a model made for an officer leaving the ship.

It has two parts - the turret and a lower brass disc that it is bolted through.

HMS Barham was built by John Brown of Clydebank and served in WW1 including at Jutland. Inter war she was also a flag ship. She was sunk in the Mediterranean in Nov 41.

We have replaced the broken wood plaque with a hand turned ebony bowl.

The bowl is 5 inches x 3 inches,

We have turned a second piece of ebony and mounted the turret in it.

The turret rotates on its mount.

We have added the original copper plate with ships emblem, name and date - to the underside of the ebony lid.

The bowl can be used as a storage vessel.

The whole item is heavy at 2.5 kg and measures 7 inches tip to tail and 5 inches tall.

Price is £340 Plus P&P


WW2 Valentine Bowl

Original WW2 Valentine infantry tank part.
Converted into a useful pot for Mobile phone, Keys or pens.
Mounted onto a black walnut plaque with engraving of name(s) and Valentine tank.

Casting has VA for Vickers Armstrongs as well as casting company.
This was the armour around the VA Periscope that was used on the Valentine Infantry tank.
There were three to 5 of these on each tank- depending upon variant.
Driver had two that are shown in the photograph from the tank at Bovington museum. The Commander had one to two and later models the gunner also had one.

The Valentine was the name for the British Infantry Tank Mk 111. It was designed by Vickers Armstrongs and used by the British as well as Australian, New Zealand, Russian and several other armies.

This part came from Ukraine and was from a Lend Lease Russian tank that was destroyed in WW2.
We have drilled out sheared mounting bolts and recut the threads to allow it to be remounted using the original mounting holes.
Interior has been lined with dark brown leather.

The casting is 6.5 inches diameter.
The whole piece measures 18 cm wide, 10 cm high and 23 cm deep. It weighs 4.5 kg

Price each is £340 Plus P&P

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