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Bronze Lamp

This is an Admiralty Pattern Hand Held lamp made in 1969 byW. McGeogh for the Royal Navy.

It is made from Bronze - with a brass light shield and glass cylinder lamp housing.

The small circular object on the top of the box is an on/off switch - which when turned makes the circuit and turns the light on.

It has the A.P. ( Admiralty Pattern) label with date and McGeogh name on the upper surface.

McGeogh still make lamps for the navy

It weighs 6 kg.

The glass is completely intact , clean and chip free. It is 10 cm tall.

The bronze base box measures 13 cm x 10.5 cm x 17 cm.

The total height is 31 cm and with max of 20 cm x 14 cm.

It has been completely disassembled and all bronze nuts and studding cleaned or replaced. All parts have been cleaned.

It would originally have been battery operated and for use in an emergency - with the clamp on one side to allow it to be temporarily mounted on a bracket.

We have rewired it with a 110/220V transformer via a kettle pug - into a 12V DC supply that powers a Ba 15S LED bulb of ca. 200 Lumens - good for use as a desk or reading lamp. If needed we can replace bulb with a 1000 lumen LED bulb that will provide good room illumination.

With a country suitable kettle plug it can be plugged in - the knob on teh top turned and it will work for many hours - without giving off any heat.

So in summary a 50 year old bronze lamp from a Royal Navy vessel - converted to LED and fully working.

We can ship outside of UK but due to weight we will need to ask an additional postage charge to cover the additional costs.

Size is 67 cm x 60 cm.

£265 Plus P&P


WW2 Italian blackout lamps

Two different gooseneck lamps for use as a desk /bedside lamp.

Each of them has a different iron/steel base.

1. Ornate square cast iron base as shown

2. Round flat cast steel base as shown

Each of them comes with a gooseneck adjustable neck so that they can be adjusted to suit your lightning need.

Each of them has a spun aluminium two part black out lamp shade.

These wartime lamp shades were purchased from Italy. They were designed to allow domestic spot lighting to avoid light being seen from outside a building and so from overhead aircraft.

They all come with a 3A three pin UK plug and an LED bulb. Using an LED bulb is important as there is not the heat that a tungsten bulb would emit.

They are all different

Please note that they have a narrow beam of light and do not light a room - but can be used for a desk , reading light or beds
ide light.

Shown in use and on a desk.

Price shown is for each lamp.

Price is £115 Plus P&P


Fairchild C119 Flying Boxcar Landing Light lamp
This is an aircraft landing light that we purchased a while ago where it was advertised as a Hawker Hurricane lamp.

We cleaned it up and tidied the edges and found evidence of US chromate dark green paint; the captive nuts were UNF (American specification) and it had part numbers starting at 110, 111 and 103.

This part been confirmed by the parts list to be the landing light of a C119 - a transport aircraft made by Fairchild and nicknamed the Flying Boxcar. It was the standard transport in the post war era and was also used as a gunship in the Asian conflicts.

The light can be seen on the attached link form a modeling site Also shown in detail in the part diagram where the part numbers also match.

The C119 was also the aircraft that featured in the Flight of the Phoenix - about an aircraft that crashed in the desert.

We have added sides and a back as well as bolting a sheet of polycarbonate onto the front. We have added a 12V LED filament bulb and wired this to a transformer that can be run on 240V or 110V through a supplied kettle plug.

It can be hung from the two brass key slots on the back.

The LED light is low voltage and no heat.

It measures 12 inches high, 13 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

£185 Plus P&P


Ju 88 fuselage lamp

The lamp is an original ww2 FL 32258 made by Pohl and Helbig of Berlin. These were used in the fuselage interiors or Ju88 and He111 fuselage. The bottom of the lamp has the full set of markings and RAL red stamp.

It is from a crashed aircraft and there is some bruising around the upper glass edge. But this is minor. The glass is original and intact. Base, spring, interior shroud etc. are all present.

It is wired to a UK transformer through a lit switch but can be easily transferred to other country plugs.

The lamp base is 8.5 cm diameter.

Price is £125 Plus P&P

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