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WW2 RAF Handley Page Halifax

This is a piece from a Handley Page Halifax that crashed in WW2. It is from a known aircraft that crashed in North Yorkshire in late 1944..

It has numerous part numbers and inspectors stamps on the parts.

Inspectors stamps are EEP = English Electric Preston = who made Halifax for Handley Page.

This is a panel from one of the fuel tanks.

The panel has two layers of aluminium that did have a piece of perished rubber in-between that we have removed. We have dismantled the whole piece., cleaned, protected and re assembled.

We have repainted dates top layer with etch primer and black paint and applied the aircraft serial code NR203.

Halifax NR203 crashed at Myton on Swale on the 21st of November 1944 whilst flying with 429 Bison Squadron. The aircraft was on a training flight from Leeming when there were several control issues and all teh crew safely baled out. The aircraft crashed near Haddocks Farm at Myton on Swale. There was a licensed dig in the early 2000's.

Parts from the recovery have been or are to be used in several Halifax restorations.

Measures 28cm by 60cm .

Price £155 plus postage

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