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A small section of Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle painted with the Airborne emblem Bellarophon.

The Albemarle was used as a Glider Tug on D-Day and also had several paratroopers in the fuselage who could also drop into occupied France.
Some of the first UK troops that landed on D-Day came from Albemarles.

This is a section of airframe with the AW part number for Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle. It was recovered from a quarry where many Albemarles were disposed of after the war. Other parts from the quarry have been positively identified as Glider Tug Variants.

This section has the original paint on the back and a stringer with the AW stamp on the stringer jointer.

We have repainted the front in Night Black and added the Airborne logo.

The piece measures 10.25 inches x 3.5 inches (26cm x 9cm).
price including UK shipping £60

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