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Taylorcraft Auster Nose Art panel Grasshopper

This is an original panel from a Taylorcraft Auster.

It is the fillet that sits between the rear of the glasshouse and the wing and can be seen in situ as in the last photograph.

The Auster was used as an Army Observation /Liaison Aircraft. Taylor in the US built the L2 Grasshopper that was similar and used by the American air force.

The attached picture is of an Auster called Grasshopper which flew in WW2 with Nose Art of a grasshopper with binoculars being fired from a cannon.

We have repainted the piece in RAF camouflage and added the Nose Art as shown.

It measures 55cm x 10 cm x 10 cm and has a D-ring for wall mounting.

Price £75 plus postage

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