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B-25 spent link chute

A WW2 stainless steel 50 cal spent link chute recovered from a WW2 B-25 Mitchell.

We have painted the part with the Ruptured Duck emblem that was applied to a Doolittle Raid B-25.

We have mounted the part on a section of ribbing from an Albamarle that has original green paint. It has then been bolted on a section of oak with a slotted plate for wall hanging.

We have laser engraved the aircraft profile and name into the wood.

The various parts have a North American Inspectors Stamp ANK for the Kansas plant. The 108 part number confirms this is from a B-25 J.

We recovered this from a wartime disposal site. These stainless steel parts could not be recycled and were thrown into a local tip.

Wood 25cm x 23cm x10cm

Price £105 plus postage

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