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WW2 Russian Air Force Iluyshin Il-2 Instrument Panel

An original WW2 instrument panel.

We have identified this as a lower RHS instrument panel from an Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik aircraft.

The Il-2 was a ground attack aircraft that was heavily armored and was also called the Flying Tank.

It was widely used in WW2 by the Russian Air Force.

This panel came to us from Latvia as an unknown.

The steel clamps on the top RHS are for holding spare fuses.

There is a large flared hole on the RHS for the pressure gauge for the starter bottle.
There is a large non flared hole on the LHS for the fuel tank selector.
The upper middle hole was for the emergency fuel cut off.

There are other holes and one has been blocked off in service.
The panel is curved on the LHS where the pilots knee was.
The RHS has an angled bracket for it to be secured to the starboard fuselage.
The upper edge has a distinctive notch where the panel slotted around a cable/pipe onto the main instrument panel.

There are remains of original grey paint on the front and rear.

We removed the two steel placards and fuse holders to check for markings and then reattached with dome head rivets.

There were no markings - except for a distinctive symbol on the rear.

Panel measures 22.5 cm X 18 cm x 8 cm.

Price £70 plus postage

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