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Fairey Swordfish seat part painted as City of Liverpool

A small section of aluminium removed from Swordfish NF389 when it was being restored.

This is a section of aluminium from the seat back and the oblong hole is where the seat belt would have come through from the rear.

The rear has the original paint with the primer and other paint residues.

The part has no Fairey part number so is a replacement of a post war repaired part but has flown in the swordfish.

Fairey Swordfish LS326 was the remaining swordfish flying with the Royal Navy Historic Flight and had the Liver bird emblem painted onto the engine cowl.

We have painted the same artwork on this small piece.

It measure 27 cm x 18.5 cm

The swordfish was a biplane made mainly from tubes and fabric. It's as a carrier based aircraft and flew from Royal Navy carriers and Merchant Aircraft Carriers. It famously flew against the Italian Navy at Taranto and against the Bismarck.

Price is £65 plus P&P

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