French chair

WW2 RAF Aircraft Troop Seat

A WW2 troop seat as used on several aircraft of the Air Transport Command of the Royal Air Force.

The aircraft can see that this seat was used on are :


SHORT Stirling



and was probably used on several others.

There were also IP seats with an aluminium frame and thicker cushions for Important travelers but this is the troop seat which is still quite comfortable.

The seat came to us with a canvas, Kapok and horsehair slung seat that was rotten and ripping with any pressure.

We have used the old seat cover to template a new cover in brown leather with a canvas lining and modern upholstery foam.

The frame was taken back to bare metal before being primed, painted black and then given a hard acrylic top coat for protection.

This seat style is the same as used by Christie Tyler for their post war lounge and aircraft chairs - with the hammock slung seat and swivel leg rest acting giving a rocking motion that allows the user to slouch or sit upright.

The frame is robust but does also partly fold away for when the seats were removed form the aircraft.

We have added felt pads to the bottom of the chair to allow it to be used on all floors.

The result is a very usable aircrew seat from a WW2 aircraft.

The seat is 54 cm wide, 80 cm deep and 105 cm high. The seat cushion is 40 cm from the floor and 43 cm wide.

The two leather covered arm rests slide in and out.
The base of the wood has felt protectors.

The chair itself is very lightweight as it is made from light aluminium tubing

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