USAF Fairchild C-119 Rudder Side Table

Side Table made from section of a Fairchild C-119 Rudder.
The C-119 was a transport aircraft made for the USAF with twin high booms and clamshell doors. They saw service in Korea and Vietnam as well as with several other air forces.

This part has inspector stamps from the subcontractor SAC as well as a 110 -24 XX part number that confirms it is a C-119 rudder part. These aircraft were made in the 1950's only.

The rudder was fabric covered so the metal was primed , painted green and then covered in fabric with red dope. This is the interior finish of the metal - we have kept it in this condition rather than repainting.

We have made a base from a section of hardwood and inset a further piece into the narrowest upper section and then dowelled a hardwood table top onto it.

The Sapele hardwood top measures 59 1/4 cm X 24 cm.
The base measures 32 cm X 24 cm.
The table is 52 cm high.

It weighs ca. 3 kg so very lightweight.

We will send by courier so will need a telephone number for them to arrange delivery.

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