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Vietnam US Army Bell Huey Gunship Crew Seat

This is a crew seat from a Bell UH-1M that was made in 1964 and served in Vietnam as a gunship with several units. We have the full history of the aircraft.

It was purchased in 1972 when the helicopter was returned to US and converted for use by the National Guard.

The red fabric seat covers was used by several Hueys in Vietnam and we have several pictures of aircraft with them.

This seat could be moved around the aircraft into several positions - from a door gunners seat to a middle seat etc.

The seat fabric has two small cuts that are stable and are not growing - it is 55 years old!

The seat is foldable and held together with quick release pins.

It has a part number printed on the back alongside the aircraft identity in marker.
The seat has claw feet that are designed to fit into the floor recesses in a Huey.
So we have acquired a section of Huey floor from Maine and made a base surround edge that supports it fully.

The floor section has the original grey paint on the top and green paint on the bottom along with Bell 205 part number.

This is the middle section of floor from the larger model 205 Huey. The dark line at the front is the demarkation to the cockpit.

The seat is now fully usable and robust. It can be folded down for transport.

The angled sections of the base means that it can be placed in a corner to turned around and placed between doors .

The seat can be removed by pressing the wire around the base collar and lifting the collar.

The chair can be repositioned on the four sockets in the floor in any direction.

The base is ca. 72 cm x 70 cm and weighs 4.5kg.
The chair weighs 5 kg.

When constructed the chair back is 102 cm above the base and the seat 39 cm above the base. The base is 2.5 cm thick.

It will come folded sitting on top of the base. With instructions for quick reassembly.

I cannot think of ever being a chair and floor section for sale in U.K.

A very rare item and with the history a very memorable item that can be used as a temporary seat, an occasional chair or as part of a Huey setting.

Shipping to UK fully insured or contact us about local delivery or pickup.

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