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Aircraft Pilots Chair French Air Force Nord 2501 Noratlas

An original pilots chair from a Nord 2501 Noratlas.

This is a comfortable fully adjustable aircraft seat.

The Noratlas was a versatile cargo and paratroop dropping aircraft with clam shell rear doors.

It was used by the French, German , Portuguese and several African Countries Air Forces.
This one is marked with NATO so likely German, or Portuguese.

This chair has several adjustments. The knob on the LHS allows the chair to recline.

The small knob on the RHS is for releasing the seat belt tension.
The larger knob on the RHS is for adjusting the height of the seat. The upper and lower positions are shown in the photograph.
The smaller RHS knob is to adjust /recline the back from upright to reclined.
The lower RHS knob is to move it fore and aft on the rails - as the rails are replica short ones this does not work.
The two arms lift up and also the arms can be moved fore and aft.

The chair was originally painted anodized dark blue. Over the years it has been repainted in black - that we have removed the VAST majority of to leave the original blue metal in various stages of wear..

The chair was made by SICMA in January 1956.

The chair can be seen in the original Noratlas parts list shown .

It is thought to be the Pilots as there is no map case on the back. The pilots seat was identical but with a map case

We have cleaned the seat, lubricated the mechanism and replaced the seat cushions.

We have had a light grained dark blue leather seat cushions custom-made to fit the chair. They are all well padded. The headrest, and arm pads are the original blue vinyl that we have matched with the leather in the cushions.

To hold the chair stable we have made a black walnut base and two folded aluminium runners. We have laser engraved with the text Nord 2501 Noratlas and image form a mid 50s Noratlas brochure..

These blocks of wood support the chair to ensure it does not scratch any surface it sits in we have added felt to the lower surface.

This is a very comfortable - original military 50's pilots chair updated and overhauled to make it usable.

Perfect for the office, corner or gaming.

A rare item. A usable item

Please contact us to discuss the item and to discuss shipping etc.

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