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Hawker Hunter drop tank fin coffee table

A 1950's Hawker Hunter Jet aircraft drop tank that has been restored and converted into a unique Coffee Table.

This is the tail of a Hunter drop tank in the original Dark Sea Grey upper surface and lower surface Light Aircraft Grey.

The paints have been restored but are the original colours and paint with a crisp delineation between the top and bottom.

The middle cone is made from aluminum.

The base and the wings are made from impregnated resin skinned with aluminium.

There is a heavy metal structure inside the cone to keep the fins at the correct angle.

With the original DO NOT LIFT BY FIN decal and original stenciling which also includes the words Hunter.

We have added a third solid aluminium fin ( machined from aluminium bar) to support the top.

The top is made from two planks of solid hardwood Elm at 1 inch thick.
The top measures 101 cm long x 40 cm wide.
The table sits 37 cm tall and is perfect height for a coffee table.
The table is very stable and weighs 13 kg.

As it sits on the wings and the extra fin it sits invisibly and looks like it is hovering.

We have acquired an original Hunter fuel plaque instruction and riveted onto the back of the fin.

A unique hand made item made from original RAF parts from the 1950's.

Due to weight and size - shipping to UK only price includes hipping by courier at cost.

We will send by courier so will need a telephone number for them to arrange delivery.

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