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Vietnam Helicopter Cabinet Bell Huey Engine Cowl US Army

A cabinet made from a US Army Helicopter engine cowl found in Vietnam.

The cabinet has two hinged doors and a solid oak frame.

The two doors open 90 degrees outwards from the central spine.

The engine cowl was found in a farm at An-Khe in Vietnam - which was close to an active US Army Helicopter base.

The cabinet was brought back to UK and we purchased it.

The interior of the cowling still has teh original wiring and several parts marked with the Bell 205 part number for the Huey.

The Bell Huey was the main helicopter used in Vietnam by the US. Army.

We have made a custom frame from oak with an upper balcony shelf a lower sloped shelf and a middle shelf.

The Grey paint on the interior is 100% original. We have repainted the Olive Drab paint on the outside as it was showing many scratches from its loss, storage and transport.

The rear of the cabinet is made form a lattice of oak panels and painted aluminium rectangles.

The doors hinge open but are secured in place using magnets. There are two aluminium balls on the edges to use as handles.

It measures 128 cm high, 91.5 cm wide and 53.5 cm deep.

Each piece of the cabinet has been hand made to fit around the curved/sloping engine cowl.
The lower shelf has a 7 degree slope to fit the lower edge of the cowling.

Due to its size and weight it will have to come by carrier ( e.g. Shiply) or can be collected. UK delivery only.

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