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Aircraft Pilots Chair Antonov An-2

This is the pilots chair from a Russian Antonov An-2 aircraft. This was given the NATO codename COLT.

The blue paint is completely original and there is a part number on the front face.

We purchased this from a contact in Archangel in 2021.

The An-2 is widely used in Eastern Europe as a light cargo plane due to its tough construction and high wing it can land and take off on short and rough airfields. It is a single engined biplane.

It is used for water bombing, crop spraying. flying ambulance and carrying passengers or troops. It appears regularly in techno thrillers.

The drawing shows the chair in use in the aircraft.

The two stainless steel poles at the rear are the original mounting poles that the seat was suspended on.

The large lever was for the high adjustment and allows the two stainless poles ta the rear to move. The small level is a valve for the hot air seat heating.

We have added an aluminium base plate and commissioned laser cut stainless steel legs that are bolted to the base.

We had added rubber feet to the bottom of the legs so that they don't scratch floors.

We have made two leather cushions that match the design on the aircraft chair and are extended slightly forward to make the chair more comfortable to sit on

The chair is 95 cm high and 60 55 cm wide.

The seat cushion is 42 x 31 cm and sits at 54 cm from the ground.

A very individual item that can used as a library chair, hall chair and as a light duty office desk chair. It is a narrow chair and so is not a lounge chair.

We are currently finishing a USAAF swivel seat that is more suited as a lounge chair.
A rare item. A usable item

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