Sepcat Jaguar | Farlam Airframes Ltd

RAF Sepecat Jaguar Air Intake Side Table TV Stand

Painted as an RAF jet fighter from the 70's.

This is an ex MOD/flown aircraft part that we have repainted din RAF Dark Green/Extra Dark Sea Grey as used by the RAF when teh Jaguar entered service.

The upper/outer and lower surfaces are all painted grey/green.
The interior and the rear surface are painted in Light Aircraft Grey.

We have added four captive nuts into the upper surface and cut four stainless steel studs to the different sizes needed to support two aluminium bars ( with rounded ends) that the upper glass sits on. This is to ensure the upper surface is level as the upper air intake surface slopes in two directions.

We have also added two small aluminium brace feet at the bottom to prevent rocking.

The lower surface gas felt pads on it.

The glass is 10mm toughened iron free glass that gives a clearer look. It has rounded corners and measures 1m x 0.52 m

The studs can be adjusted to correct height for an uneven floor.

The two suction doors open inwards on heavy duty springs.

A magnificent and totally unique table/cabinet.

Images with a large plasma TV and as a side table.

Given its weight and size it can be delivered locally to us within 100 miles or will be delivered by a courier such as SHIPLY.

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