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Vickers VC10 Coffee Table

A bespoke coffee table made from Cherry hardwood and two aluminium wing panels from a Vickers VC10 aircraft.

The panels are the fuel tank covers from the upper wing of a VC10.

They are painted as a BOAC VC10 - the first company to use the VC10 as an airliner.

The other side has been painted as an RAF VC10 that was used for refueling aircraft in the Gulf War. The Empire Strikes Back artwork was applied to ZA140.

The table is made form ca. 100 pieces of solid cherry hardwood that have been machined to form a shape that matches the curved ends of the wing panels.

The wood comprises two flat sections ( each made from 3 pieces of wood) and each end from ca. 20 pieces of wood cut and tapered to form a barrel shape.

Each piece has been individually cut and joined using biscuit joints.

The interior has two narrow drawers that are made from the same wood and approach as the outer cabinet but then divided to form two hall sized curved drawers.

The backs of the drawers and the inside divider have been made from plywood.

The cabinet is mounted on four hand made cherry legs that hold the cabinet up so that the drawers can be opened.

Each drawer has an internal capacity of height 35 cm and 85 cm width ( max) and ca. 25 cm deep.

The two wing panels are securely bolted to the drawer frames.

The drawers open by 10 to 15 cm only so can be used for bottles/ newspapers or storage.

The penultimate image is the original design drawing - which it has stayed true to.

The last image is the panels as they arrived before stripping back to bare metal and repainting.

A magnificent and totally unique table/cabinet.

Given its weight and size it can be delivered locally to us within 100 miles or will be delivered by a courier such as SHIPLY.

Delivery only within UK.

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